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13 May, 2002; Bob Brown's article entitled Under the J2EE Umbrella Opens in a new window.

"This article was published in S|E|A| Software journal April 2002. To receive a complimentary subscription of 4 issues of the journal during 2002 either subscribe online at Opens in a new window or contact Ellen Bennett, Client Services Manager: tel. (Australia) 1300 884 888.

S|E|A| is Australia's independent authority on software CAPABILITY offering many knowledge services to the developer, acquirer or user of software including hundreds of Software training courses nationally along with knowledge services such as the journal. with the support of the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DoCITA), S|E|A| is able to carry out its mission 'to improve the software capabilities of Australian companies'."

September, 2002; J2EE-Based Systems Development and Oracle9i JDeveloper Opens in a new window presented at the Oracle User Group Opens in a new window conference series "Oracle with 20:20 Foresight" Opens in a new window in Sydney, Melbourne (by Dr. Paul King of ASERT Consulting Opens in a new window) Perth and Brisbane. The Brisbane session had a different (hopefully even better!) version of the paper J2EE-Based Systems Development and Oracle9i JDeveloper Opens in a new window. Bob Brown also presented the paper Toplink Opens in a new window (on behalf of Dr. Paul King of ASERT Consulting Opens in a new window) at the Oracle User Group conference in Perth.


Sample material for the course Developing with JavaScript Technologies

service oriented architectures

Sample material for the one-day Service Oriented Architectures course Opens in a new window:

17 July, 2001; "Zen and the Art of Internet" 19 October, 2001; "IncITe the Future" 29 October, 2001.

"...excellent overview seminar."

15 December, 2001; Bob Brown's article on Service Oriented Architectures  Opens in a new window.

    "This article first appeared in Software Engineering Australia Software Journal summer 01/02 edition 5.
    SEA is committed to improving access, awareness and capability in SPI, business of software, standards, tools, technologies/methodologies.
    For further information on SEA visit"
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linux and open source software

Sample material for the two-day Introduction to Linux course Opens in a new window:


Sample material for the three-day Developing with XML course Opens in a new window:

Roadshow, Toowoomba, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns; June 2000

"Just a quick note to thank you for bringing the XML presentation to Townsville. Whilst a relatively newcomer to Internet technology I thoroughly enjoyed Bob's presentation. His expertise on the subject was clearly obvious and the entire presentation was very easy to comprehend. Well done Bob! I hope your voice recovered!"

BES' IT in education 2002 conference

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