Review of Recent Activities

Monday 18 March, 2002


This document provides a brief outline of the activities of Transentia Pty. Ltd. at the conclusion of its second year of activities.

Achievements in 2001

Like the previous year, 2002 was a busy year!

Major activities included the presentation of various training sessions to over 80 participants together with various consulting projects undertaken, and the development and 'live' installation of a Weblogic Server 6.1/J2EE-based system for the Queensland Government Department of Industrial Relations.


A large proportion of 2001 was spent working alongside developers from the Brisbane-based firms ASERT, Digicon and Manthey Pty. Ltd., mostly related to the abovementioned Weblogic Server 6.1-based system.


2001 saw Transentia continue to develop a wide customer base and completing consulting activities for a number of organisations including both large and small enterprises and with both a national and international flavour.

Consulting activities have ranged from Java/J2EE development and to technology assessment reporting.

Customers have included:


As with consulting, Transentia's training has both a national and international 'flavour.'

Sessions have included:


Staff have contributed to various presentations and conferences, including:


Bob Brown published an article ("Service Oriented Architectures") in Software Engineering Australia's Software Journal summer 01/02 edition 5.


Even in the face of a global slowdown caused by the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in New York, 2001 was a successful and active year for Transentia. The solid foundation laid in the last year was strengthened in this year. We look forward to a prosperous 2002.