The following text is taken verbatim from a recent testimonial, with identifying features removed:

"[CLIENT] engaged Mr Brown to provide training and consultancy to IT staff in Java 2 Enterprise. This involved concepts and use of tools (JBuilder6). A one week consultancy was completed with the intention that further consultancies regarding application design will be undertaken once staff have mastered the basic technology.

Mr Brown is very knowledgeable in his subject area and training was easy to follow and understand. A number of staff had little direct experience with the technology and tools but were able to complete the exercises and get a working product. The week was not without a number of technological problems which from a training perspective held up progress but from an ongoing development perspective was very good as it provided all staff with insights about issues likely to be confronted in the future. Mr Brown was able to work through the issues, some of which he had not seen before, and provide explanations and/or solutions. Mr Brown was able to achieve this in spite of being requested not to do any preparation prior to the consultancy.

Mr Brown has a very clear and concise training style, is able to adapt to the directions set by the group, and is able to understand specific issues raised and provide advice which directly relates to the issue at hand.

Mr Brown is very easy to work with, flexible, practical, and has a balanced view of competing technology architectures."