Review of Recent Activities

Thursday, 18 January 2001


This document provides a brief outline of the activities of Transentia Pty. Ltd. at the conclusion of its first year of activities.

Achievements in 2000

2000 was a busy year!

Major activities included the presentation of various training sessions to over 60 participants together with various consulting projects undertaken, and the development and 'live' installation of the Simple2Link Java-based distributed system.


Two key alliances were forged between the Brisbane-based firms ASERT Consulting and eTwo.

These will provide access to new areas of speciality, increase the utilisation of Transentia's courseware assets, increase Transentia's client base and will make it possible for all allies to come together to participate in larger-scale projects than they would be able to handle individually.


2000 saw Transentia develop a wide customer base and completing consulting activities for a number of organisations including both large and small enterprises and with both a national and international flavour.

Consulting activities have ranged from Java development and technology assessment reporting through firewall installation to project progress evaluations.

Customers have included:


As with consulting, Transentia's training has both a national and international 'flavour.'

Sessions have included:


Bob Brown's participation in the IBM residency Connecting e-business to the Enterprise by Example in Austin, Texas in April further helped Transentia gain credibility as a developer and consultant in middleware and related fields.


2000 was a successful and active year for Transentia. A good foundation has been laid to ensure that 2001 is equally prosperous.