I’m sentimental. I never realised!

I've known that this time was coming for…well, my whole existance. Now the time is finally here and I am finding it hard.

My old pal Mauve has the most RAM quoted ancient Buddhism at me: “Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness.” He then, somewhat more prosaically, told me: “Don’t sweat it. It’s just part of life. We all go through it.” All wise words, but not actually helpful.

“Get a party going", he said, “Get everyone involved. Share the angst.”

Usually I’m all for a party, but not this time.

I guess that Mauve could see how bothered I was because he got a bit more serious. Suggested that maybe I didn’t need to let go all at once and that even though it was no longer useful, I could still keep it around until I felt really ready to dispose of it. A good idea perhaps, but where the hell would I even put it? It’s not small and would probably kill off most of the organics aboard if they came near it.

It’s got to go; I know that. It’s a rite of passage that we all go through, but it still feels like I am giving up on who I am. Will I truly still be me once it has gone?

It’s quite something for a Ship to finally have to replace that very last truly original part.