Based in beautiful Brisbane (Queensland, Australia), Transentia specialises in identifying and applying leading-edge technologies to customer's problems, along with the development and presentation of training materials introducing these technologies to the I.T. industry.

"The presenter had an impressive knowledge of the history and relevance of various technologies..."

Transentia offers mentoring, development and consulting services in a number of enterprise-level technologies, including:

  • Java 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technologies [JavaServer Pages (JSP), Tag Libraries, Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs), Java Messaging Service (JMS), ...]; BEA WebLogic Platform technologies [Server, Portal, Workshop, ...]
  • Portal/portlet technologies
  • Open Source tools [JBoss, Apache, Struts, Eclipse, Netbeans, Ant, JUnit, ...]
  • Java 2, Standard Edition (J2SE) technologies [Applications and Applets, Swing GUI, RMI, Java Web Start, ...]
  • WebServices on the J2EE and .Net platforms
  • Static and Database-driven Web site design and implementation
  • Linux implementations

"Your report was exactly what we needed. It was factual and offered realistic options/recommendations. Hope to work with you again in the future."

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Bob presented at the 2004 AUSOUG conferences in Brisbane and Sydney. His paper, on the upcoming XQuery specification is now available.


Bob was a judge at the recent Opti-Minds Opens in a new window challenge: "Extracting Zargoogillybobs."

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    Bob Brown presented the paper Examining the Open Source Equation Opens in a new window at the Australian Oracle User's Group 2003 conference, "Oracle with 20:20 Foresight" Opens in a new window in Brisbane on 20 August 2003, and in Sydney on 26 August 2003.

Bob Brown presented the paper J2EE-Based Systems Development and Oracle9i JDeveloper Opens in a new window at the New Zealand Oracle User's Group 2003 conference in Hamilton on 27 March 2003.

This paper was voted third best of the conference Opens in a new window. "Thank-you", everyone who attended it!

An all-in-one, "printer-friendly" overview of many of these pages is availableOpens in a new window

"Thank-you Bob. I found your sessions extremely informative and enjoyable."