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Greetings! Hola! 你好! Guten tag! Shalom! أهلا وسهلا! สวัสดี! ...

Welcome to transentia's very own corner of the web. Granted: it's not much to look at but it's still "home, sweet home."

Based in beautiful Brisbane (Queensland, Australia), Transentia specialises in identifying and applying leading-edge technologies to customer's problems, along with the development and presentation of training materials introducing these technologies to the I.T. industry.

I have long wanted to break my dependence on a dynamic site, with its (comparatively) expensive hosting cost and possible security and compatibility issues, and just go 'static' here we are!

You are entreated to ponder the riddle of the two barbers ;-)

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What's Here...

I have written a lot of 'stuff' over the years. Take a walk through history...

Old and old-old content

36 fun- and fact- filled pages of tech-related goodness; about 400 articles of Groovy/Java/Linux/XML/Agile alongside a smattering of opinionated ranting...culled and lightly massaged from the (old) wordpress and (even older) flatpress sites.

The oldest article is from September 2008, the newest is from July 2018.

You can either dive right in or take a look at the contents page to see what might pique your interest.

Navigation is via the Next » and « Previous links at the top and bottom of a page.

Old-old-old content

Stuff from transentia's very early days; late '90s through to middle 00's

Note with respect to the older material: I have taken reasonable care to try to ensure that internal links remain sound and available but broken external links probably abound. I make no warranties but am happy to receive errata.


Transentia offers development, consulting and mentoring services in a number of enterprise-level technologies, including: Java Enterprise Edition; the Spring Framework; the Gr8 technologies (the Groovy language, the Grails, Griffon and GPars Frameworks, the Gradle build tool, Geb functional testing); the Modern Java ecosystem; C/C++ development; agile practices; and lots of other 'stuff' ...


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